December 23, 2011

Studio Scans

The Laced storefront has been open for just over a year. Although we love the store space, it's way too small to house our entire operation. Until a few months ago, we were working separately out of small crowded spaces in each of our homes, dreaming of the day when we could have a central space in which to create. In August of this year, we were granted our wish, a studio!

We immediately began amassing fabrics, books, photos, and all things we found essential to our creative process. It just isn't fair to keep all of it to ourselves, so we have decided to share some of our most beloved treasures with our blog readers!

Here is the first post in our new series, "Studio Scans." This post contains antique photos and postcards. Recognize a theme?

words by Bekah DuBose

December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

D&D Chiffon Goddess Dress $120

Black Fur Vest $108

Silk Sack Dress $82

D&D Acid Green Tunic $62

Southwestern Tunic $68

Macrame Fringe Dress $82

D&D Ash Crash Crochet Dress $98

Dyed Batwing Tunic $52

D&D Acid Rose Top $98

Silk Striped Caftan $78

D&D Crochet Dress $78

Buckskin Vest $78

Suede & Shearling Jacket $98

Studded Suede Vest $68

Mongolian Suede Vest $58

Now available at

December 13, 2011

Stag / Dog & Pony

Last week I pulled Bekah & Markus out of the studio for an afternoon of visits that had become long overdue. Our first stop was Polvo's for ceviche and micheladas. With our belly's full and our heads a little lighter, we strolled over to Stag to drop off a Dust & Drag shirt for Bobby Johns.

Although he wasn't around, we had the opportunity to chat it up with Steve Shuck while he received lots of sweet puppy love from Markus's new baby girl Romero, named after the horror director George Romero.


Stag is quintessential for any man of style with an array of clothing, accessories, and scents that is sure to make even the most feminine woman wish she were a man.


Every corner of this shop is perfectly merchandised with the
warmness of a desert cabin nestled in the mountains of West


Ha!!! Check out my reflection in Peter Fonda's hair......



Being drawn to masculine scents, more so than the sweet floral-like feminine ones, for as long as I can remember, it came as no surprise that I absolutely fell in love with the synthesized musk by Malin + Goetz. Bekah was drawn more to the dark rum and was ready to purchase the entire line, but settled on the soap for now.



I left stag with the "Bison" Alchemy tee(sorry no photo)for hubby Aaron, and he absolutely loves it!!! Will be back again very soon for more Holiday shopping!


Now off to make good on a long promised visit to the super stylish and sweet owner of Dog & Pony...Star Lee!


Star opened up her shop right around the same time we opened the LWR brick & mortar store. It took us quite a while to finally meet, but we found ourselves instantly sharing our love and challenges of opening a new business during this trying economy.


We both discuss how Austin's fashion scene is we see more openness to progressive style and silhouettes. These changes makes us excited and we find ourselves inspired to pioneer more plans for the future!

Soooooo...we have decided to work on a collaboration after the first of the year. Please stay tuned for more details!


Star also recently collaborated with artist Xavier Schipani and jewelry designer Rima Hyena for a killer window display @ Austin's Beauty Bar.


The stylish boutique is cozy and well merchandised. Star also has a lovely line of vintage pieces studded by herself. I was pretty damn upset with myself for not trying any of these pieces on while there...I guess this means I need to get my butt back in asap! Bekah and I did walk away with some stunning rings by jewelry designer Species by the Thousands...Photos of these to be posted soon.

Check back for more visits to some of our favorite local shops + a new "Get Laced" post coming soon!!!

words by Stephanie Villalobos-Fellabaum
photogs by Stephanie Villalobos-Fellabaum

Behind The Scenes "LWR Winter Product Shoot"

Hello again, lovely readers of this blog. Katy here:

Tuesday night’s winter product shoot was nothing short of spending time with some of your best friends. It was my first shoot with the LWR crew and I walked into what felt like my house. Situated in their studio – aka the garage – is where all the professional photos (with the darling Sara Cummings) you see posted on this here blog, the “book” and the website come to life.


I wish this [shoot] was my closet. However, it’s not that easy. These ladies pour ALL of their time into what you experience in the store. It’s clear that the brick-and-mortar Laced with Romance is the product of serious hard work. Not only do they understand and know where to look for the pieces that hang on their racks, they delve deeper in their Dust and Drag line – but that’s for later discussion.


It’s clear this colab between the crew was cultivated over time. Photog Matt McCoy has been in the family for a while. He’s one of Stephanie’s long-time best friends. Watching him photograph model Sara is as organic as are the articles of clothing that are produced within the studio by your’s truly. Not to mention Sara is acute at understanding how clothes work on a women’s body. After less than twenty minutes I was at peace.



But how long can I talk about these sentiments? – (FOREVER)! Moving on … what really stood out that night was the quality of the product, the garments that now hang on the racks. As Stephanie and Bekah pieced together the outfits, I asked questions – mostly about the D&D line. The answers all culminated in craftsmanship, which extends from the knowledge and history behind their clothing to the insanely stunning jewelry to the crew that is LWR.



Ohh… let’s not forget another important piece to this magic puzzle – MUSIC. That night we listened to Bjork’s “Telegram,” which was clearly a staple in the LWR creative process. A record I was unaware of, but will now seek out in 12-inch form. Thank you, by the way.


I will part by quoting something I wrote in the moment that night – something in regards to what I witnessed the Laced with Romance winter shoot to be: “Ancient-era-but-mod bronze metallic pieces mixed with autumnal hues fit perfect for an Austin winter that attempts to experience four seasons.”


Stay on patient toes for the next post…

words: katy ballard
photogs: katy ballard

December 7, 2011


Cocoa Shag Cardigan $52

D&D Crochet Caftan $150

Oxblood Harem Dress $72

Shiba Sequin Dress $98

D&D Piano Duster $375

Oxblood Fringe Jacket $78

Cocoa Shag Cardigan $52

Grunge Peasant Dress $52

Space Dye Batwing Sweater $42

Beaded Batwing Jacket $98

Deep V Fringe Sweater $48

Satin Y-Strap Disco Dress $52

D&D Crochet Caftan Maxi $150

Sheer Poet Top $38

Mongolian Fur Vest $98

Arctic Fox Vest $98

Beaded Sequin Silk Jacket $98

Leather Cage Dress $98

Hyper Blue Leather Mini $120

1981 Iron Maiden Tour Shirt $198

1978 Eric Clapton Tour Shirt $120

Silk Caftan Maxi $82

Gauze Maxi Dress $78

1940s Beaded Party Dress $200

Faux Fur Vest $68

Now available at