January 22, 2013

We're back.....

Well as you can see, it has been entirely too long since our last blog post, but we are back and delighted to announce our new guest writer, Elza Burkart of The Lingernots. 

Elza and I happened upon each other a little over a year ago, and while I wouldn't say, it was an overnight friendship, I would say, it has been build into one of a sincere and mutually admiring quality. Through our many early morning coffee dates, I have come to adore her natural savory for the understated romances of life, like her love of exceptional conversation over a delicious cup of robust coffee or her need for being draped in the perfect fabric when reading her favorite books. Truly a girl after my own heart...

So without further adieu, I introduce to you the alluring spirit and writings of Elza Burkart!

What's Your Sign?

In a perfect life, I would spend my life exploring the cities of the world, ducking into dusty, warm bookstores and flea markets, and spend all my money on my favorite things: Books, Wine, and, 1930s dresses. 

I do work really hard to live as close to that ideal as possible, so when I'm not paying exorbitant phone bills, or discovering the ultra American art of screwing up your income tax, you can be sure that I'm sitting cross legged in a book store breathing in the pages of a first edition Caresse Crosby, or getting a visual high from the Art Nouveau Beardsley plates from an Oscar Wilde book. 

Today (to get to the point) Stephanie and I found a 1971 first edition copy of The Compleat Astrologer by Derek and Julia Parker! I admit I grabbed it because the cover was pretty, and then we swooned for the amazing art and typesetting. Later, over fluffy biscuits and gravy in a road side diner with white-sugar haired grannies sipping coffee and waiting tables, we wondered how to share this book (because it would be perfect in Laced With Romance) but not lose it forever (I just can't let go of a book) and it hit us, The Blog!

 So, every month, check in to see a beautiful account of your astrological sign! We just missed Capricorn (by two days) So we'll put it up anyway, along with Aquarius. So here you are, you winter children, from The Compleat Astrologer!

written by: Elza Burkart