August 29, 2011

New Tees

1982 Pink Floyd "The Wall" Tee $185

1981 Rolling Stones Tour Tee $130

Triumph "World Tour '86-'87" Tee $78

1988 Prince Tour Tee $208

1984 Willie Nelson Tour Tee $108

1990 MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" Tee $68

1987 Deadstock Harley Easyrider Tee $58

1986 Madonna "Papa Don't Preach" Promo Tee $135

1987 Guns 'N' Roses Tour Tee $88

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August 26, 2011

New Rima Hyena Jewelry

Airplane In Ancient Bronze $650

Black Magic Ram Ring $850

Monk Parrot Skull Skeleton Key Ring $350

Coyote Axis Bone $1,200

Cat Skull & Bones Phantom Crystal $800

Cheif Gordon Buffalo Spirit Ring $750
HooDoo Headdress Charm On 20" Sterling Curb Chain $500

Available now at Rima Hyena pieces are made to order.

Halston IV Gown

In the 1970s, Roy "Halston" Frowick introduced sleek shapes and non-print fabrics to fashion through his designs, separating himself from the ethnic peasant dresses that were trending at the time. His designs were well received and, in a way, birthed a new breed of glamorous and effortless style that was so prevalent in the disco era. (See Bianca Jagger wearing Halston above.)

"Halston's greatest insight was to master simplicity - in form, line, cut, texture, tailoring. He minimized to such a monastic extent that he eventually dropped even buttons and zippers." - January Magazine

'70s Halston IV Gown SOLD!

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August 25, 2011

New Vintage & Designer Vintage

Black Chloe Leather Lace Bandage Dress $298

Teal Tie Dye Suede Dress SOLD!

Blue Silk Beaded Tunic $210

'90s Cynthia Rowley Striped Dress $82

Black, Deep V Beaded Silk Tunic $210

'90s Christian Dior Black & Blue Striped Skirt $88

Black Silk Chiffon Tuxedo Skirt $88

Gold Pleated Wide Leg Pants SOLD!

'80s Thrashed Leather Motorcycle Vest $290

'90s Cache Cropped Jacket SOLD!

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August 24, 2011

New Dust & Drag

Crashed Crochet Tank Dress $98

Plum Crashed Crochet Dress $98

Grey Crashed Crochet Dress SOLD!

Acid Moss Robe $190

Acid Brown Maxi Robe SOLD!

Leather Wrap Body Harness $150

Black Leather Tank $270

Black Leather Cape $308

Astral Blue Chiffon Top $120

Silk Chiffon Astral Plum Tank $160

Chiffon Racer Maxi Dress $290

Draped Caftan $208

Mint Racer Tank $120

Blue Striped Square Drape Tank $88

Plum Striped Square Drape Tank $88

Acid Oxy Wide Leg Pants $150

Plum Racer Tank $120

Acid Moss Top $160

Moss Crochet Maxi Dress $150

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August 15, 2011


I. The Dust & Drag Fall 2011 Lookbook, featuring Rima Hyena

STYLING Laced With Romance
WARDROBE Dust & Drag
HAIR Sara Cummings
MAKEUP Jacqueline Fernandez
MODEL Sara Cummings